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Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions about the services we supply. We have answered the most common questions below. Simply click on a heading below, and the relevant information will appear.

If you have a query about anything that we do, the first thing to do is see if it has already been answered here - otherwise we are happy to advise you via email.

As well as this FAQ, we have also prepared our Visualeyes Guide To Headshot Prints which will show you the key things to consider when ordering prints.


• What's the standard print for headshots?

This would be a 10x8 inch print. Colour prints are now the norm, although black and white prints are still around.

• How do I place an order?

We accept orders via email or online. You may re-order from an existing image we have on our system (via a reference code).

• Do you charge for cropping or bordering?

No. A lot of images will need to be cropped or bordered, so we don't charge.

• What do you accept as a source image?

We can accept images as an original (hard copy) print, a digital file (usually on disk or via email), or a negative/transparency. Unfortunately, we cannot accept contact sheets as a suitable image on account of quality issues.

• Can I get a discount?

A single discount is applicable to students or those in full time education. Also, orders with multiple source images are discounted (see here for details).

• I have a digital file. What formats & file sizes do you accept?

A JPEG (.jpg) file is ideal. TIFF (.tif) files are also acceptable, but the vast majority of customers will provide a JPEG. Please do not send us .PNG or document files (such as Microsoft Word) as these will not be suitable.

• Is your caption charge on a per-print basis?

No. It is on a per-order basis. You will only pay for one caption per order even if you have multiple images.

• There is a copyright warning on my original. Can you still use it?

Visualeyes accepts material (with or without a copyright warning) on the assumption that you (the customer) have secured the rights to reproduce the image from the image owner (in most cases, the photographer). For more information, see our Terms and Conditions.

• I've lost my image reference code. Can you find it for me?

Yes. It is useful if you have your image reference number, but don't worry if you have lost it, we can still find your pictures.

• I had an image printed by you many years ago. Will you still have it?

It's very likely. Our current image archive goes back nearly 20 years.


• How long will my job take?

Our standard turnaround time is two working days. If you are not in a hurry, a cheaper five-day service is available on certain quantities on the 10x8 inch print size.

• Why do you need to add a border or crop my picture? I want it as I see it on screen!

This isn't always possible as the ratio (or 'shape') of the image might not be the same as the paper we need to print it on. It's a bit like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Please have a look at our headshot guide.

• Can you print on the back of photos?

Sorry, no. We can produce stickers to go on the back of prints though- these are available on our online ordering page.

• What's the difference between gloss and matt?

Have a look at our headshot guide.

• I have digitally adjusted my image myself. Do you need to know?

Yes. Our technicians will usually 'fine tune' your image to gain an optimum tonal range. If you have worked on your image yourself, please let us know.

• Can you put my name and/or details on my image?

Absolutely. Please have a look at our headshot guide.

• Can you arrange more than one image on a print?

We can produce what we call a 'composite'- which are multiple images arranged on a sheet perhaps with some caption details. We are happy to discuss your options.

• I have a colour image. Can you print it black and white?

Yes. There is an option to have your image converted to black and white on our online ordering page.


• Can you post my prints to me?

Yes. Our standard post is Recorded Delivery via Royal Mail which is free of charge if the order amounts to x10 prints or more.

• Can you send my prints to alternative addresses?

Yes. We often send directly to agents and theatres.


• Do you do it?

Yes. In fact we do lots of it. We retouch images for the many of the major record labels and PR companies so your headshot is in good hands.

• How much does it cost?

All retouching work is priced by quotation, so we will need to see your image first. Removal of minor spots and blemishes is free, beyond which there is a minimum charge of £12.00.

• Can I see it first?

Absolutely. In fact, we would prefer to email your retouched image to you so you can approve it. Once you have given us the green light, we will print it.

• Can I have an image retouched without getting any prints?

Yes. We understand that sometimes this might be necessary- for instance we can retouch your image before it is submitted to Spotlight, or emailed back to you for your own distribution.


• How long will you keep my image?

We will keep a copy of the image we prepared for printing on a permanent basis.

• I'm not happy with my prints. What can I do?

Of course, mistakes sometimes happen. If you pick up your prints at Visualeyes, it is best to check them before leaving. If you have received your prints via post, please return them to us with a brief note outlining the problem. We will do what we can to resolve it.

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