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Visualeyes primarily reproduces headshot photos for promotional purposes. We also produce prints for the music and recording industry.

Over the years our services have extended into the digital arena, including scanning of originals and the retouching of digital files.

Click the options below for more information about what we do.

Products & Services

• Digital Printing

We print digital reproductions of photographic images. Print sizes start from 6"x4" (postcard) up to 12"x8"/A4, although any trim size in the range can be accommodated. All print processes and material are supplied by Fuji and Epson.

• Caption & Logotype Setting

Captioning your image is no problem- we can add your name, contact details, Spotlight PIN or agent details to your prints. If you are wondering what your image will look like with a caption, we can create a 'mock up' of your image with the caption and email it to you, so you can approve it before we go ahead with any printing. We will normally use Helvetica as the font, unless you prefer something else- just ask. To see what range of caption options we provide, click here.

• Image Retouching

At your request, we can retouch your image to a specification - such as removal of unwanted age-lines, skin imperfections, dark rings under eyes etc- there will normally be a charge but we will supply a no-obligation quote first.

We also provide a 'high-end' retouching service to include creative manipulation, composite image creation and detail enhancements such as light and ambience correction. Please contact us for details.

• Portfolio Printing

We can produce a set of prints to act as a portfolio for actors, dancers, models, make-up artists and photographers. The sizes are 12x8"/A4. There is a 25% discount off our list price and you would need to have five images or more to be printed.

Other Information

• How you can order

Via this website:

For online ordering, click here , or via email (attaching your image)

We accept JPEG and TIFF file formats. Ideally, the digital file should be no less than 300dpi/ppi (dots/pixels per inch) and sized up to the print size you require (for instance, 10x8 inches). For further details outlining our digital guidelines and other information, please see our frequently asked questions.

• Discounts

Multi-run discounts (applicable to standard service only)

Your job will now automatically have a discount applied if you order from more than one image. The scheme is:

• 10% off printing from two different images
• 15% off printing from three different images
• 20% off printing from four different images

Drama & Performing Arts Students (applicable to standard service only)

• 10% off printing

Looking for a photographer?

We don't actually take pictures -however we are happy to provide a list of photographers who recommend Visualeyes. Click on a name to go the their website:

Alex Winn
07816 317 038
Andrea Gordon
07966 788 901
Brandon Bishop
07931 383 830 / 020 7275 7468
Caroline Webster
07867 653 019
Casting Image
07905 311 408
Claire Grogan
020 7272 1845
Daniel Sutka
07737 770 571
Faye Thomas
0207 684 6465 / 0781 344 9229
Gemma Mount
07976 824 923
Harry Rafique
07986 679 498
John Clark
020 8854 4069
London Headshots
07747 861 777
Karen Scott
07958 975 950
Luke Varley
07711 183 631
MAD - Mark Davies
020 8363 4182 / 07949 581 909
Nick James
07961 122 030
Paul Barrass
07973 265 931
Pete Bartlett
07971 653 994
Peter Simpkin
020 8364 2634 / 07973 224 084
Ric Bacon
07970 970 799
Rocco Redondo
07770 694 686
Sheila Burnett
020 7289 3058
Steve Lawton
07973 307 487
Teresa Walton
07770 855 807
07962 338 289

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